LTB 24" T5 retrofit


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my dad and I are combining two tanks( a 20G long, and a 12 gallon nano) in to a 29G reef. I currently have two 65 watt square pin compacts in the hood for the 20L but was looking to possibly uprgrade to T5's to penatrate the deeper water. the new canopy lights will be about 8 inches off the water. I have never used T5's but hear they are great and can also be overpowered by icecap ballast???? I could be wrong but I think thats what I heard. does anyone have any advice on the route I should go with the lighting for the 29G. It will have mostly zoanthids, and a fews Lps with some hairy mushrooms, and possibly a few sps frags from my 75G if its possible to get enough light. I was leaning towards the t5's because I also heard they are quite effecient? Any suggestions or anyone with some 24" T5's for sale out there??


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if you look around you can find t5 setups in 30" lengths (staggered 24" bulbs). I have a six bulb 30" fixture that I bought for my 29g and love it. You could check with electrical suppliers in the area for endcaps and reflectors, they're becomeing more popular in commercial applications so the bigger electrical suppliers are stocking more parts and pieces. Good luck with the new setup. happy reefing