Mantis id please


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I ordered an OS from my LFS. Here's what I got:









That's the mantis I got. Id please.

He is already eating flakes!
I'm gonna say G. platysoma don't expct alot of activity once it gets settled if it is.....Another suspect might be G. falcatus, but It looks more like G. platysoma to me....


I don't see any of the orange/black spots and certianly no blues of the G. platysoma. I also don't see the black spot described on the tail of G. falcatus.
I've read over Dr.Roys write up a few times and still cant figure him out.

Right now he is smaller then my pinky finger.
I think everyone who said G. Chiagra is right but I'm gonna wait for the final word from Dr. Roy.

Does anyone know where the meral spot is supposed to be?
In looking closely at teh second pic, the meral spot is white, (look just below his head on the left hand Raptorial
Over the last couple days he has moved into the sea shell and filled it with sand and rubble. Last night he closed himself into his den with a shell. Very neat. I still can't believe how he eats the flake food I feed the fish. His roomies are a bicolor angel, a Valentini puffer (vs?) 7 blue leg hermits, 3 astra type sundial snails, one leopard turbo snail, A mushroom, and some palys and zoas I'm trying to recooperate. Everyone is getting along very well although they are quite a motly crew. I expect someone to dissappear.
I've been busy though I plan regularly to get more pictures up. My other LFS called me last night and their supplier have a XL mantis for sale an OS. I think my tank is better suited to this little guy. I haven't been able to see him use his bashers even once yet. I was hoping for more aggressiveness and gore but a peaceful tank does have it's advantages.
I'm growing tons of tiny pond snails in my FW tank so if he does turn a little wild I'll have plenty of food for him.

Where's Dr. Roy? And again whats a meral spot and where is it supposed to be?

In the above picture the Merals spots are the orange "dishes" on the upper arm. The can be a bit of a pain to find on a mantis your trying to ID, but once you find them they usually stand out.
Well, your mantis doesn't look much like my N. oerstedii, but according to Dr. Roy they are HIGHLY variable in color. The meral spots for N. oerstedii are dark purple with a white ring -- they look like little bullseyes, hard to miss on the insides of the "arms". I love my N. oerstedii, once she settled in she turned into a little ball of fire (so if you're disappointed that you haven't seen more action in your tank, just wait until your guy makes himself at home...)

After efveryone left last night I sat and drank my last couple and watched bamboozle intently close himself into his new den inside that big seashell on the right of his tank...when I saw it. A lavender spot surrounded in white on the inside of his arms. I think we have a definate Identification. I hadn't even seen your post yet (you sugar glider you). If clean up isn't so bad tonight I'll take some pics.
gotta go work