Melaniurus wrasse for sale or trade.


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Trying to catch him in the next day or so. Will take $20 or trade for something. Let me know.


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I have one of these as well. Mine is full grown and fat as can be, probably 4-5 inches.

These guys will eat anything. I don't see pods, ever. I haven't had a clean-up-crew since he's been in the tank, so maybe 5-6 months. Huge boom of feather dusters and asterinas (probably the only thing in the tank he won't eat).

One of my most fun fish to watch though, very active. Eats just about anything I'lll put in the tank - and absolutely destroyed the flatworm population in my tank. I haven't seen a flatworm in six months. A great overall tank addition, in my opinion. Definitely a 'must have' fish on my personal list.

Good luck with sale, I paid far more than 20 dollars for mine at Puppy Center when I got him half the size. Excellent price. I'd buy yours and keep two if I wasn't already set on fish or had room in another tank for him.


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I've never had an issue with mine and I've had him for about a year fully grown.. Maybe they're hit or miss. I also have a Valentini puffer in my 55 reef with him and haven't had issue with my CUC. *knock on wood*


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Not fairing so well with trap may have to remove some rock over the weekend. Every other darn fish will go in the trap but the wrasse. I just dont get it.