Miscellany frags (mostly zoa) for sale


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With the 180 being picked up next weekend, I'm trying to gather up a little cash to recoup some costs (less detrimental to the bank account and my butt;)). All frags shown are $15 and there are varying colors from baby blue/orange, reds, orange centers, ring of fires, greens, a few meanie greenies. The two sps are also $15. The larger sps is supposed to be EvilMel's green mille, but it is under pc's, so it cannot live up to it's full potential. The only things that are less are the pipe organ and sarcos ($10 on those). All frags are WYSIWYG.
Ohh yeah. For a WYSIWYG, I guess you need pics...



Gary I would be interested in the blue. w orange center and the larger red in the upper left center of the picture. I would like to see a closer shot of those two. I could pickup at the next meeting if that's OK.
Here are some more grouped shots so I know what everyone is talking about.

Electric greens and meanie greenies

Red rings

Reds and Oranges

Ring of Fire (two frags with two polyps of ring of fire and multiple of the orange centered)

Baby blue and Orange and Orange centered

tnduck, I'll hold one of the baby blues/orange. Not sure which reds you are talking about though. The newer pics have better shots.

eyebedam-I'll get a large brown pipe organ (near back of full shot), a baby blue and orange, and one of the two Ring of fire frags. I have a green button (protopalythoa) that I'll have to get a shot of. It is different than the typical green button, but very similar.
the last photo - the one titled Baby blue and Orange and Orange centered - the one I wanted was the one in the upper right - looks to be brown skirt with red eyes?
I'll take the EvilMel's green mille. I've been wanting to try another mille since I think my tank is almost back to normal now. Oh, btw, the frag of the purple humilis I got from you is doing great and is coloring back up nicely.

Got you down for a baby blue and orange, and the orange centered frag for the meeting at Rick's.

Mike, it's yours. You want it at the meeting?

Which green button? Is it in the pics, or one I mentioned?

The ring of fire has only a few polyps of ring of fire, and a number of the orange centered zoas.
The one you mentioned. The mixed ring of fire sounds great. Are you still coming to Mels Saturday? if so I will take both just let me know what I owe you.
Sounds good. I'll be at mel's for the meeting. The green polyps I have are a kind of pastel green protopalythoa. I can pull some of the common green button polyps, too if you want. They aren't green any more since they are under the DE MH, but they will turn back to bright green if they get less light. I have some in my wife's tank under VHO's and they are neon (from same mother colony).
Gary, is it OK to wait on mine until the meeting on the 25th? I will be in town for the mod workshop I could swing by if you need me to on Saturday the 18th. PM me your address again if you need me to come by tomorrrow.

The meeting will work better. I'm leaving town this morning to run to Johnson City for the 180. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon/evening.

I'll have your zoas (blue with orange and orange centered) at the meeting.


I'll bring the mille, too. It's in the frag tank and I haven't noticed any AEFW in there, so it should be fine. Let me know if you have changed your mind.