mixing anthias


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This is off the Marine depot live website
Behavior: The Lyretail Orange Female Anthias may act aggressive (been known to harass others)ly toward other fish.
Hope this helps, though I have seen tanks with mixed Anthias, as long as they are in a group and large enough tank.


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I want to know this as well. I have a male and three female lyretails. I have been thinking about getting a few more females of different species. I think that even if they are different species, there should be one male per tank, but I'm not sure.

I love anthias. To me they are such good filler reef fish. They make the tank look full and colorful.


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Thanks, I just read that article. From the article: "In the wild many of the Anthias species mix together in shoals numbering in the thousands where the males of the species will maintain a harem of 6-8 females. Some of the species are too aggressive to mix with other Anthias unless you have a very large tank so be sure to research carefully before purchase."