Moving out of State and Selling it ALL!


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Hi folks. I am moving and need to get this tank emptied. This is what I have left, and the prices have been SLASHED. I am in Lodi if you want to take a look.

6"x5" Purple Idaho Grape Monti $50 (Frag it out yourself and make $$. Lol)
6"x5" Orange Monti w/ Purple Idaho Grape Monti "Strip" $50 (Another Big one you could Frag out)
13 Heads of Green Hammer Coral $45
40+ Purple Death $30
5 Heads of Nuclear Green Candy Cane $35
Alien Eye Chalice $20
Sunset Monti $15
War Coral $20
35+ Gorilla Nipples $15
Brown Monti $10
Orange Monti $10
Unknown Monti Digitata $10
Rock with Blue,Red, Brown Mushrooms $5
Unknown Green Monti #1 $10
10+ Large Zoas $10
13+ Green Eye Zoas $10
25+ Blue eye Green Zoas $15
Softball sized Toadstool Leather $20
30+Brown Zoas $10
Green Monti #2 $10
Green Monti #3 $5
26+ Green Zoa $10

Fire/Blood Shrimp $10
Purple Serpent Star $7
Tomato Clown $5
Orange Spot Shrimp Goby $10

If you are interested, Please respond by email at, or text me at 209-747-4426. I will keep this Original Posting Updated here.

Once the tank is emptied, I am selling 80 lbs of live sand, and 130+ lbs of Live Rock. Most of the rock is Tonga Branch Coral, which you know is no longer available for harvesting or import to the US. But the living coral has to go first.

After that all the equipment will be listed too.

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Prices are lowered

Prices are lowered

Take a look on the photobucket link.. The prices are LOWERED again..