Mushrooms, others for trade, sale

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I've got some stuff that I'd like to trade or sell outright. Would rather trade. All of these have been in my tank months or longer. I just don't get good growth from mushrooms and have yet to see one divide in my tank (too much light?). Will consider trades for lps, sps, and zoanthids first, then will consider selling them. Of course, if anyone really wants something and has nothing to trade just run something by me! The two sort of "summary photos" immediately below (linked) were taken in my 55g refugium under 130w of 6500k pcs. The individual photos shown here are under the 13w 50/50 pc in my 6g mantis nano. I should *finally* have actinics in my display the beginning of this week and will post photos under good lighting as soon as possible. The photos don't do some the mushrooms justice. There are more than 1 available of some of these and I'll be happy to cut up rocks to make them all available. Please excuse the algae in the photos - remnants of bloom 2 months ago.

#s 1 through 7
#s 8 and 9

#1 Green hairy mushrooms, brownish green under 6500k, forest green under 10k, bright neon green under actinics (~5)

#2 Purplish-maroon base with bright purple polkadots (~4)

#3 Royal blue striped (poor picture, link at top is better) (1)

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#4 Aquamarine mottle base with seagreen dots, under some light pale gold with teal dots (2)

#5 Lumpy bullseyes (color different under every light, it seems) (at least 6, some small)

#6 Incredibly bright purple tonga (~5)

#7 Another lumpy, non-bullseye that seems to be different colored under every light (6)

#8 Green striped (1)

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#9 Blue (1)

#10 Yellow polyps (lots)

#11 Cabbage leather frag (photo under 5500k compact fluorescent) (1)

#12 Tulip anemones, do not sting, multiply well(~3/4" diameter) (lots)

#13 BRIGHT green on bright orange/pink base ricordia yuma (1)

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#14 bright orange ricordia florida (1)

Also have some LPS that I wouldn't mind fragging sometime soon, if anyone is interested. Pictures were taken with a flash at night and definitely do not do justice, will update later
#15 Teal centered candycanes

#16 Bright green favia, borders between mouths have been slowly turning yellow (this is a good thing)

#17 Xmas favia

#18 Purple/teal chalice