My 29gallon

True Percula

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Hey finally got pics of my 29gal thanks to a member from RC....I am only 14 so cant afford EVERYTHING for this..Any suggestions?


Not bad.

As far as suggestions, check your water parameters and try to tackle the algae :)
to get rid of the algae you'd want to do a few things:
1) test your water for nitrates, phosphates, etc (it'd be good to post them on here)
2) do some water changes (a rule of thumb is ~10% weekly, in your case you may have to do more or more frequently)
3) purchase a cleanup crew

Also, what kind of lighting and filtration do you have? Do you have any corals or just the two clownfish? The more info you can provide the more we can help you out :)
lighting is a 130 watts ballest made by sunpaq, i have a pink tip hammer coral frag and the filteration is a pengiun 330
more rockwork and some critters, definitely do some water tests. Otherwise I think you're on your roll!
Get RO/DI water from your local LFS. Also do what I did when I was 14 move it to a main room when your parents aren't home. And then they will help you pay for things. I dont know about laws in FL but here in PA I was working when i was 15. So you may want to look into getting a job or doing lawnwork or such. Also check your local reef club there is alwyas people there that can help you with anything you would like. Also work on that algae problem. Also take out the filter cartridges and stuff in the HOB filter. And run carbon or chemi pure or such in there. The LR will do the biological filtration for you. And also try to get a skimmer for it.
I agree on moving it to a main room, then they will care about how it looks and give you assistance ;) IME these are a few things that I would do if I were in your position:

1.Start doing weekly water changes
2.Switch over to RO/DI water, you can find it at many fish stores or a water & ice store
3.Get your water tested for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and phosphate
4.Add fresh carbon to your filter
5.Lower the photoperiod to around 7hrs, this will help slow down the algae growth

When I was your age, not to long ago, I wasn't able to afford high end equipment either, however, that doesn't mean that you cannot find decent stuff for good prices. If your lfs doesn't carry them, ask them if they could order a Coralife Super-Skimmer for you. For roughly $90 bucks you can get a decent skimmer that should deffinatly help you out filtration wise. This will help remove organics before they have a chance to break down into ammonia, which eventually feeds your algae. Some people have also had success with the Seaclone skimmer, however many more have been given constant headaches from them. IME it is an ok skimmer if you are willing to reajust the air intake on a weekly basis. You can do it while you are emptying the skimmer cup. I know that when I had one it produce roughly a cup a week.
Check your local reef club for good deals on equipment like skimmers etc. Also, keep an eye on the newspaper and local classifieds. I found a CPR Bakpak in perfect condition for $10 (without pump and a few extras). <$30 after new pump etc. There are good deals lurking out there... be patient until you find them.
im 14, also using tap, but west hartford has a ppm of about 36 normally so im pretty good, no algae problems except for season changes, they put different stuff into the water that causes red algae, btu ill use phosphate rmover for that
Did you build the canopy? I like it, it would look good with a matching stand/base.

As far as suggestions, get a skimmer, stop using tap water, and get a clean up crew. Weekly water changes are good too.
YOu can also do alot of DIY style stuff, But I would still say look for work anywhere, money doesnt grow off of trees. And its helps in thei hobbie to have all the money you can get.
You probably have no money, but find a way to get a Coralife super skimmer 65. Has the best performance of any hang on tank skimmer accept for the deltec which is 400$. It is really cheap for a skimmer, just over 100$ I think, and really good. If you ask me I think your tank is on the way to oblivion without a skimmer, you sure have alot of algae.
Also It seems like you have no waterflow in the tank besides your power filter. Get a Maxijet 900 on that tank quick. Any waterflow will help keep those nurients/particles suspended, so your filter can get them out of the water column.