My first octo


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Hello everybody,

I've got a 50 gallon reef set up right now, and in a few weeks i'm going to be getting a new 120 gallon tank. I'm going to set it up so that the the 50 gallon tank will be the sump for the 120 G. I really want to get an octo after it's up and cycled. My main question is, are there any fish at all that could live in the tank with the octo? I figure the tank will look pretty empty with only an octo and my brittle stars in it. Thanks for all your help.
Hi, the tank can often look quite empty but the bouts of activity more than make up for it!

Some people have tried fish with octos and have limited success... Most are just anecdotes really. They may get on for a while but its usually not long before one eats the other!