My glofish won't eat


New member
I have glofish in a 20 gallon tank.I have 5 glofish. Sometimes the food falls in front of them. Sometimes they eat sometimes they will not. I don't over feed them. Is this normal? They appear healthy they swim and the fish look good. I do not not understand why they do not eat .
Welcome to RC! Since this is mostly a saltwater forum, I’m not sure you’ll get too many responses, however my limited experience with glofish is they are more of an eat when they want to. As long as they don’t appear skinny and are still full and healthy looking, I wouldn’t worry too much. Are you feeding multiple times a day or just once a day?
Definitely doesn’t sound like anything to be too concerned with then, in my opinion. If they look healthy my guess is they’re getting what they need. They may be nipping algae or if some food sinks to the bottom, eating it a little later