My new baby!!


Congrats on the new clam! I also got a new resident about two weeks ago. It looks about the same size (3 inchs). I think he has grown a little. I have been adding DT's every two to three days.

What size is your clam?

How often are you dosing phytoplankton?
That is an awesome clam Skeeters! I add DT'S phyto (only about 1/4 teaspoon) once every 4 days. Trying to dodge any possibility of an algae bloom. Tank is only 15g. I'm thinking about taking him out and putting him in a bowl with a little DT's so I don't pollute my small tank too bad. That way he can get enough to eat also. Thanks for your replies everyone.
Skeeter's, what kind of lighting do you have?? How many gallons is your tank?? Also, how far away from your lights is your clam? It looks like your clam is in very good shape. Mine seems to be ok with occasional gaping and a slight bit of what seems to be bleaching in the center. I have 2 40w vho's, one aquasun and one super actinic blue. I also have 1 36w 50/50 pc light and 1 15w no. That is a total of 131w's on a 15g tall ( lights are exactly 17" from the clam's mantle. Is that enough?? I really don't want to move the clam up, he seems ok. I know they like it in the sand. I'm not really sure if that is bleaching or not, maybe I'm just paranoid.

I use VHO's (1 aquasun, 2 actinics, 1 NO actinic). Total watts is 245. I have never had a problem keeping corals (xenia, pineapple coral, hammer, montipora). All of them have multiplied. I have to clean the front glass every two to three days due to algae growth. Since everything seems to be thriving I decided on the Squamosa.

The tank is a 25 gallon. The clam is 14 inches from the light. Light Duration is 12 hours.

Your clam might still be acclimating. I would give it a couple of weeks before changing anything.

I honestly do not know if you have enough light or not! I do know that Squamosa's are natural found at depths of 32 to 48 feet. If everything is growing in your tank I would think that your fine.

I based my decision off of known facts. The tank has been doing great for 8 months. I have watched my corals grow. I have to clean the front of my glass every two days due to light. These were my deciding factors.

I would give the clam a few weeks. Let it acclimate to the new light. If everything is growing in your tank, I would not worry. Feed it DT's every other day (I was worried about an algae bloom and it never happened). If you feel that your lacking in light, maybe increase your light duration.

I have never seen bleaching. If in doubt, you should post a pic. These guys are pretty smart about clams. They will be able to tell you if it is bleaching.

Keep me up to date...

Here are a couple of pics.Sorry I know it would be hard to tell whether it is begining to bleach or not from these pics but this was the best that I could do. I've moved the clam up about five inches so it is now 12" from the lights.