My new clams

This one worries me a bit. This photo was made on the day of arrival. On the next it looked worse, it was still gaping and all the mantle was retracted. Today, the third day, it looks much better but still gaping.
If you dont mind my asking,

If you dont mind my asking,

How much did you pay for those clams?

I don't have a really good LFS around, and to get clams I will probably have to go through mail order. I have heard about Jim's clams, but have not ordered yet. Did you get to pick the clams yourself or just order a blue maxima?



Cost is $30-$50 for 2-3 inch clam, and up to $100 for a show 5-6 inch clam. These are mail order prices.

Jim sended me pictures to pick the clams.