My New DIY Reactor


Reefing in NE
With some help (ok a lot of help) from my brother at his shop I was able to to put this together today. Got to love a family member with a CNC machine shop!


Right now I am just water testing it. I still have to get some plastic thumb screws, an o-ring and some weld-on 16 to glue the PVC to the acrylic, but I think so far it is turning out pretty good.

Close up of the top:


The media plate (sorry bad photo):


It is basically the same design as some of the store bought ones, but it is much bigger (4" tubing) so it can hold a lot more media. As soon as I get the rest of my parts I'm going to test it with a pump to see how it flows.


looks good.

what kinda media will you place in it? i've been thinking about cutting one out myself.

how big are the holes in that diffuser? how long did that diffuser plate take to cut? seems like mine take forever.

cnc's are so great. the initial cost is kinda up there, but the ability to make stuff like this is priceless.


Reefing in NE
thanks, I will probably use it for carbon for now. Kind of funny you asked about the hole size, we changed it last minute to accomidate the machining (hold it down while the outside was cut) and I can't remember what size we changed to LOL. I can measure it later though. I want to say the machine time for the media plate was at least 20 to 30 Min. since I had to flip it over during the process (the holes are tapered on one side) but it didnt seem too long. If it wasn't for the cnc machine I don't think I would have had the skill to cut every thing manually.