My new orbit light


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As some of you know, I added the Curent Orbit 24" light fixture to my tank. WOW what a difference! I have been running PC for so long I forgot how cool the rippling effect from the MH was. The colors of my corals are much better too. The fixture is made very well and even came with 2 timers, mounting legs and even cables to mount the fixture from the ceiling...if your wife would let ya drill holes in the ceiling :lol:

All in all great light!
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How about a re-cap on what you had to what you now have (color and watts)?

I had a DIY wood canopy with 2 -50/50, and 2 -65000k total of 260watts.

Everything fluoresces awsome now including the fish. I'm still watching corals ....nothing seems too bothered by the MH yet :rolleyes: I do have 2 pieces of screen over the glass of the mh to help acclimate the corals.

All my fish have just re-entered my display after 2 months of Hyposalinity treatment for ich. My clowns don't leave there anenome :lol: they love it.
I just noticed that both the halide and actinics are split bulbs in that light. Is the spectrum too blue, yellow, etc? And can youi use any buls as a replacement when theose go?
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I just noticed that both the halide and actinics are split bulbs in that light

You mean operated by different ballasts? Yes the PC bulbs can be changed if you think they are too blue. Personally like the spectrum.
Could have sworn I saw something on their site saying the halides were dual. Must be good stuff I'm on, I don't remeber taking it.