my new rpe's


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I've been trying to get a frag of these for a while now, even though they are fairly common.

Those are sweet, funny how some of the most common zoanthids can be the most difficult toget.
my RPE's dont look quite like that. those are way cooler, but i'm guessing less red.

if you look closely, it looks like the inside fringe of the skirt has purple tentacles, while the outside skirt has red tentacles. that polyp on the right is wicked!

i think thats about the 3rd different version of RPE's i've seen. mind if i ask where you got those? or where that picture came from?
I took the picture in my 40 gallon tank. With a nikon 8700, with auto everything. The lighting on the tank is PFO HQI ballast with a Hamilton 14 k bulb and 2x55 watt pc actinic.
I noticed the one on the right appeared a little different. I'll try for a close up on that one tomorrow.
I got the frag from a friend, jojo.
He's got some nice stuff.
We did a little trade for something we both wanted. :)
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Damn, I would've given you a frag if I knew you were looking.:rolleyes:

Awesome frag btw!:)

Thanks, I guess I'm the last kid on the block to get them.
I got two frags. I'm going to try one up midway in my tank and the other on the bottom. See how the different light intensity affects the polyps in the same tank coditions.
Wow...the top set of the skirt is purple...bottom skirt is red...I like!

I'm not a fan of most RPE's except the ones with the brighter red skirts. I've NEVER seen a combo though.