nano MH suggestions


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looking for a good MH system that will be good for a 29 gallon at a resonable price. I know a lot of people have em on their nanos and I want to hear your experiences with them and the ones you would recommend. Looking for one powerful enough to keep all sps. TIA


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I like my Sunpod. Great light and color from the bulb, moonlights are also very powerful, if you use the white ones you can see basically everything in the tank, just the blue and the colorals really look good.


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Well I have a PFO DE250W Mini-Pendent over my 50 including a 96W Coralife PC fixture and I have very happy corals.

For that size tank I would recommend the 150W DE Mini-Pendent, which can be found here:

There is another MH lamp that I can give you the link for, now the price is great, but there are very mixed reviews on this light. They seem to have stopped making a 150W version, but here is the 250W one anyway.

I would still say that Current USA sunpods are probably the most popular and of great quality, but I really like my PFO.

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the sunpod is ok, but i would do what reefman suggested. the sunpod that you will get is 30" but only has one bulb in the center. since the light sits about 3 to 4" off the water it will not distribute well, instead it would focus on the center of the tank. but i would def. recommend it if you had a diff. sized tank.


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Thanks for the advice! anyone know anything about the system from aquatraders?? If not I am probably going to go with the PFO pendant and put it in the canopy I am planning on making. Probably put some DIY moonlights or T-5 actinics in as well. Thanks again!!


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finnex has a double 150w with two t-5 in one fixture

it is 35 in so would be 2 and a half in over hang on each side but it doesnt look like it will efect the lighting