nano tank


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i want to get a 24"Length nano rimless tank. i would like it to be any gallons in the 20's. 24" bc its a standard size for lights.

Anyone know anyone selling this in store in nassau, queens, or suffolk?? i wouldn't mind ordering it online either..

anyone have any experience with this interms of use, breakage, or costs??

thank you

ps. im soo glad i found this site..i been on saltwaterfish for the longest and they never seem to have people selling stuff in ny!!!
thank you guys.. i cant wait till i start trading.


I think petswarehouse in copaige had some nano tanks as did Fishy inc.

you could also possibly try pet stop in huntington

but Fishyinc and petswaerhouse are probably your best bets

just remmebered there is a member here I think he goes by the name LFSmarineguy who is opening a new high end shop in South Huntington. they should have the rimless set ups



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thanks.. i called both places. they said they would have to custom order it. I think one quoted me 130...

anyone have used cadlights 22g tank? i hate the fact the light fixture is aluminium colored... why cant that be black.. it looks cheezy.. they were selling it for tank only for 90+27 shipping..

cant use the search function to look for that guy.. it says server overload or something. i will check later on that..

those oceanic 29g cube, can u take off the edging to make it rimless? or u need it for support?


Don has rimless tanks at Aquahut. They have built in center overflows and are sharp looking little tanks. The overflo is not intended for a sump just mechanical filtration or a place to put some carbon, or heater or something like that.They are also expensive , the 5 gal going for around a 100 bucks with a light, I think. But that's about right , I had a 3 gal rimless tank years ago bought from a store on the internet and it was 58 bucks not including shipping which was another 20 so there ya ' go... Also I think the largest one Don has there is a 10 gal maybe smaller 8 gal. If you want to take a long ride to Aquahut... might be worth it to go talk to Don as he might be able to get a larger one for ya' and he's a heck of a nice guy to chat with ...if he's got the time..



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thanks everone.. i ended up with a 24g aquapod... it was a great deal so i just took it.. less hassel since its established somewhat....look for future pics...(hpefully) im soooo freakin excited im typin this 6am in the morning