Need help chosing a Chiller


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I have a 75 gal reef system. The tank is not drilled and thats not an option. I just added a canopy with 2 X 250 MH lights and my temp has gone thru the roof. I have looked online and seen several Chillers but I don't know which are the better ones so if ya'll can recommend a decent one. I have been leaning toward the JBJ 1/5HP Arctica Titanium chiller but I am still looking. Since I don't have a sump what type of powerhead or pump would I need to run a chiller? I am just looking for a little advice.

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on my 120 (5x18x25.5) i have a JBJ 1/10th chiller. Bought it used and it has been fine. I have it set so it comes on at 81 and then shuts down when it gets to 78 and then my heaters come on when the temp drops down to 77. When it does come on it only takes a half hour or so for the temp to drop where i want it. On your system i think the 1/5th is overkill. Now i have t5's and i only have to use the chiller in the summer. And now for a pump to feed it,i just went to lowes and bought one of their small pond pumps. Their is not really any head loss since i have my chiller pump in my sump so it just goes to the chiller two feet away and back to the sump so you dont really need a big pump. If i did add a bigger pump it would just take a little less time to cool the water. I dont mind it taking a little time,makes it less of a fluctuation the slower it changes.
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im in the same boat and looking to choose a chiller also. i have a 190 us gal with a 50 gal sump and when my metal halides come on (6 hours only) the tank goes from 74 to 81 degree every day... corals are doing fine except for a buch of acros i got. they died most likey due to the temp fluctuations. im new at this and learning. i was looking at the 1/5 also. i think this size would be good for me. 1/10 way to small i feel.


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I'm not sure on sizing, but JBJ arctica is the only brand you should consider. I'm sitting next to my 1/4 HP right now... it keeps my 150 at a perfect 68 degrees and I can't hear a thing :)

Just a note, it cannot be kept in your stand... it need plenty of room for intake and exhaust.


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One thing to consider when chosing a chiller, also go bigger then smaller. The larger chillers will run for a shorter time and they will be able to keep up with the tempature change. The smaller ones will run longer and have the risk of buring out sooner.

Side note: I have a chiller im not using its a JBJ Arctica DBM-250 1/3 hp