Need Help Fast!! Dirt On Water


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I am leaving for vacation tomorrow so i dont have a lot of time... I have a 75 gallon tank
-fluval 405 filter
-prizm protein skimmer
-koralia fans

On the surface of my water i have a dirt like substance in every noticable spot. The tank water itself is clean but the top has this "substance" EVERYWHERE. I cant take a pic but imagine very small OMEGA ONE marine flakes that are brown everywhere on the surface. What is it from!? Filter, skimmer, rocks, fish??? I'm clueless and dont know what to do. Please help!!!


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Do you have an overflow? If not, it may be surface slime. You can try and scoop it out with a net. You can also direct a powerhead at the surface to agitate the surface water to prevent this from happening again.


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sounds like the surface slime that can occur if there isnt to much water movement or anything skimming the surface of the water(ie overflow to sump, or hang on skimmer) i wouldnt be to concernend about it for short term but eventually i would try to fix it with more flow, more filtering of the water, or less feeding Ect.


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Just get some paper out of your printer, and lay one sheet on the surface at a time, peeling away the nastiness. Repeat until all is well.

And if you happen to spill purple primer in your tank one day, remember this trick because it works for that as well. ;)


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I cut a notch out of a plastic cup and 'skim' the surface that way when I do my water change, works really well..


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You should look into upgrading your protein skimmer. Aqua C Remora Pro is a great HOB skimmer for a 75g.