Need Lighting Recommendation


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For a 10' x 4' FO tank (but halides necessary).....

- 150 watt halides (for glitter only)
- PC or similar supportive lighting
- moonlights
- cooling fans
- fully controllable (each halide, PC, etc.)
- price not critical

Thanks in advance for the help!

Blown 346

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A 150 watt halide woulf be fine for the glitter effect, but they arent necassary, fish dont need light to survive. Any lighting would do.

It sounds like you have a a good setup and have researched what you want.
I used these guys here, they have been very helpful with and after my purchase. There prices arent to bad either.
Check it out.


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How deep is the tank? Do you think you'll ever do more than FO? If fish only you can go with VHO retrofits as probably your easiest bet. 10 feet would mean you'd need 2 sets of 5' retros. 4 feet wide -- you'll need a lot of retrofits in there. If you want to keep corals then you'll need more lighting. probably 250W and 400W halides and then some VHO retrofits as well. I'm not sure that PC's would be very easy for you to work with over a tank that big.


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I would suggest 3 or 4 Lumenarc 3 reflectors for the MH. For a nice white color and good PAR you might want to try the 175W 14K Iwasaki. I know you said 150, but if you havent bought anything, the 175's might work well.

In between you can run 4' vho actinics front to back. T5 would also work well here.

Run everything on Ice Cap electronic ballasts.