Nems FS / FT.


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I have some of these small anemones. The biggest is about the size of a quarter around with the tentacles being larger.

The bigger one comes with a decent sized rock and a baby on it.

This is it.

This is a better look at the rock its attached to.

Here is a smaller one on a shelf piece of rock with some zoos attached.

I would like Zoos or easy small SPS as a trade. $15 for the larger one and $10 for the smaller one.

I also have a wad of tang heaven algae to get rid of if someone picking up one of the nems wants it. Im over by titos tacos on the edge of Culver City.


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Feel free to not trade or buy.

I guess these are apparently a strain of mojano... if someone wants them pm me.
I like the way they look, these two are around zoos I dont want them messing with so they will end up in the trash monday.
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KILL THEM FAST SERIOUSLY..... i had a few that i thought were little zoas that cam on a piece of rock with my rics , then BOOOM.. like a bomb went off they were all over my tank.. easier to kill afew then it is to kill a tank me

KILL em :uzi: