Neptune Apex "Fan" Idea


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1st off I don't have the newest Apex unit. But, I thought a great idea for Neptune would be to sell a fan system, similar to Tunze's sleek fan (, and make it compatible with their new integrated 1 Link on the New Apex Unit.

With my older version of Apex I use sockets 4 and 8 to power my cooling fan. My cooling fan is just a simple fan from Target. I noticed that the fan stopped working the other day when I was getting temp alerts on my phone. Turns out it wasn't the fan that was out but the socket that supplies the power wasn't working properly. This is crazy since the outlet was just fixed by Neptune not more than 7 months ago. One could say, I have it in a moist area but my power bar is actually away from the typical area, not in the sump area, and away from water splashing or spilling.

To fix this issue, I thought if Neptune made a cooling fan like Tunze's product with connection to their 1 Link system it might be a good idea.

Neptune, if you already have this idea in the works awesome... But, if not, please let me test it out if you decide to make one.