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I have been using Neptune devices for years. I cannot tell you how long ago because I cannot remember and the place where I purchased them from does not have record of the purchases from years ago. I have issues with the following devices: Automatic Feeding System (AFS), Conductivity/Salinity Probe, Liquid Level Sensor (LLS), MXM and Trident. Also, I setup e-mail alerts and a few did not make sense. One last thing, they may need to access your system via a program called PuTTY, there are glitches there too (they blame PuTTY).

Automatic Feeding System (AFS): Noisy, noisy, noisy. On top of that, the lid/cover easily breaks. I have to use scotch tape to keep it closed. I addressed my issues to a Neptune rep at a frag swap a few years ago and he basically made fun of me. I contacted Neptune about my experience and they apologized for his behavior and sent me Neptune propaganda (t-shirt, ball cap, towel). They did not really address my original issues.

Conductivity/Salinity Probe: DO NOT BUY IT! This NOT a salinity probe. It is supposed to be a conductivity probe (checking for electric current), but there are too many variables preventing it from working accurately as per my conversation with a Neptune support person. To prove my point, Neptune has taken it out of their A3 Apex Controller Systems by default and offer it as an add-on. When I asked about this probe, I was advised they took it out of the Controller System solution because end-users (the customers) did not understand it.

Liquid Level Sensor (LLS): Neptune support people need to be trained.

MXM: This device does not completely do everything Mobius does and I am not a Mobius fan. In fact, I gave Ecotech grief about Mobius and told them it was a step backwards. I liked EcoSmart Live much better. I digress, that is a different issue.

Trident: The Advanced Trident Replacement is a huge disappointment. I "signed up" for it and have had nothing but troubles since. They send out refurbished devices. I got into the program about 2 months ago and am still waiting for the 3rd (yes 3rd) unit to arrive 14 days after it was determined the device needed replaced.

At 2:20, they suggest using tape to keep a part their device from falling off.
At 10:20 Carlos says to call, good luck getting them to answer
At 17:30 they state trust, but verify. Does that mean I need to “trust, but verify any tests I ever do?

E-Mail Alerts: Because I have had issues (including self-inflicted), as e-mail alerts, I entered as many issues I could think of that could be a problem. In doing, I entered:

If Output LinkA_3_9 Watts > 0 Then ON
If Output LinkA_30_9 Watts > 0 Then ON
If Output LinkB_3_10 Watts > 0 Then ON

After saving, I started getting e-mail alerts. I opened up the alerts and looked at the lines I added. The three of them changed on their own:

If Output LinkA_3_9 Watts > 0 Then ON became If Output Powerhead_Le Watts > 0 Then ON
If Output LinkA_30_9 Watts > 0 Then ON became If Output Light_Left Watts > 0 Then ON
If Output LinkB_3_10 Watts > 0 Then ON became If Output Pump_Return Watts > 0 Then ON

When Neptune called me, I shared this information and they were supposed to look into it and then when we talk again a week later, I would have answers. A different person called me and I was not going to re-explain and possibly not get a response again.
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Ive got the old and new and even a reefkeeper still. The AFS is loud but works great. I don't use the wxm or level thing or trident. My email and SMS alerts work fine. And my salinity probe works fine as well. Yes, it's a conductivity probe as are several other salinity probes on the market. Don't let air bubbles get under it and clean off any growth.