Neptune Systems is here, and on Twitter


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Hi guys, just wanted to give a shout out, introduce myself and say hi to all the Neptune Systems users out there and thank you for your support of our products.

I am the newest member of the Neptune Systems team and my role is Sales and Marketing - but this means more than just adding a pretty face to Neptune Systems! (although I am doing that too). A big part of my role will be helping drive the product direction and you guys will be a big part of that. You will be seeing a lot of cool things coming in the near future - a bunch being announced between now and MACNA. So, if you want the best way to stay in the loop on all that we are announcing, follow us on Twitter at: @NeptuneSystems

Terence Fugazzi
VP Sales and Marketing
Neptune Systems
Because it's all about control.

P.S. This is still just a user forum so if you have support questions you want answered directly by us, the best way is still to email


They Call me "RifRaf"
We got a couple "wish list" threads here in this forum you might check out....
*If you can't find them I or someone can repost, there are some pretty cool, imaginative and I think doable upgrade/mods