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I don't recall seeing this mentioned before and maybe there is a way to do it now that I am not aware of but it would be cool to be able to control variable speed ports (either the base unit ones or VDM ones) via sliders or something for quick testing - especially for lighting. Having to go in and adjust profiles is cumbersome and makes it difficult to quickly adjust color and such.

I realize this is not an official Neptune monitored forum but have any of you guys in the know heard of anything like that being mentioned. Just curious.

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on that note... i would like to be able to edit the season table....
i really miss that from the AC3...



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You used to be able to with the ac3...
I really miss not being able to edit the season table...Shh..the good ole days...

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I brought this up to Curt on 2 occasions (over the past year) and got the standard response "its on the list of future upgrades but there are other priority upgrades ahead of it" All Im asking for is the same functionality as the old AC3! I am getting sick of changing the temp calibration every few months to moderate the huge temp swing in the default season table (updating all my program statements would be a PIA).


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I skipped getting the VDM module for that reason. I dont wish to have all that work. I don't want to write all the statments to begin with LOL. I asked for 10th of a second increments on tunze control a long time ago. Looking to replace my controller soon. :( Too bad because the apex works very well and i like it a lot.
Not very friendly for what i want to do, and thats NOT write statements for every detail.