New Maximas


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I just got 6 new maximas from clams direct. They are awsome. My only question is a couple of them are under 3" and a few are on the virge. And one is just HUGE, sold as 4" looks more like 5 or 6",lol. But now for my quest.. How should I feed them, at the moment I just put a little freeze dried cyclop-eez into the tank and some DTs. Is this ok for all of them? Or should I be doin something else? Thanks for the help! :p

Oh yea, I'm workin on pictures, not too good at gettin pictures yet tho.
I think you'll be okay feeding the tank entirely with DT's. Just be sure to feed at least 3 times a week. If you can, it may be benefical to the smaller guys to do so twice a day. I don't have any experience with cyclop-eez so I can't comment on that.

6 clams at once. You rock literally. I dunno if I could shell out that much cash all at once for 6 clams. Get pics up when you figure out how your camera works. I'm not too camera literate myself so I can't help you one that. :)
Shipping charges would just be way too much if I ordered them in small amounts. (i just kept sayin the to myself) ;)
Bastianelli said:
Shipping charges would just be way too much if I ordered them in small amounts. (i just kept sayin the to myself) ;)
Makes sense. How much was shipping? I was so ready to order some clams but wasn't sure how much shipping would have been approximately.

Have you figured out how to use your camera yet? I really want to see your clams. Their last batch of clams were awesome. Too bad I was just too slow to order. Maybe you bought a few of the ones I wanted. LOL :p
I logged on mon and was surprised to find out a large amount were sold. Some of what I wanted, but I managed to find a few I liked. HAHA No pics yet tho. Shipping is usually around $30-40 after its alll said and done. Barry also put in a 30oz bottle of DTs I wanted in there so I didn't have to pay even more shipping to get that.
$40 shipping isn't too bad at all considering you got 6 clams plus some DT's. I figure it would have been alot more.

I am out of DT's right now anyhow and don't want to drive to the LFS I usually shop at since it's 45 minutes away. And plus I usually spend at least $150 there every visit. Don't want to do that. Hmm maybe my next batch of clams should come from Barry and I'll get some DT's.