New test shots with the d70 [image heavy]

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Nice shots. I use a D70 as well, and am very very very happy with its results. If you have some extra cash, get a macro lens, I have the Nikor 105mm Marco, its amazing for tank shooting.


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Thanks, I found the tammron 70-300 1:2 macro, Its okay, but i think i'm lacking a lot of details with the fish.

I've tried every possible setting to get the shots without flash...But they all come out too dark and under exposed. Is it because the lens is too slow?

Normally i shoot at 1.1f, or 5.6f

More shots.
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The flash bounce on the fisheye is similar to the reason you get red eye on people. The flash position for the onboard flash puts it such that the bounce of the light from the flash returns directly to the lens. In order to get rid of this reflection you would need to move the flash up and hopefully off of the camera.

If you're shooting at F1.2 then that is the reason for the lack of detail in the fish. There's a good chance that the depth of field is so little at that point that you are unable to capture detail, especially if the fish moves AT ALL. F5.6-F8 would probably help (but will of course pose new challenges).


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I have a D80 and have found these tips helpful:

Bump your ISO to about 800. Shoot at night with all the lights off in the room with the tank (of course leaving the tank lights on). Shoot in apeture priority making sure you at least shooting at 1/30 to 1/60 of a second. You might even turn the pumps off as well. A tripod would be helpful too. I always shoot with a black t-shirt to eliminate my reflections. And shoot tons of pictures!


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If you have an external flash, you'll get much better results. Place it on top of the tank aiming down.


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That Tamron is cool. It gives a 1970's effect, but the colours are vibrant and there's some plus!

Love it!


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There isn't an f/1.1 or f/1.2 70-300. It would cost like $50,000 and weigh 30 pounds.
I'm pretty sure its an f/4-5.6 and you really should look into the 105mm Macro. 1:2 isn't very spectacular. Go for a true 1:1 macro lens. I don't know of any good Macros that zoom.


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Sorry - but this forum isn't for posting fish that are forsale, directly off of a vendor's site.

Shilling isn't a terribly honest business practice.
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