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I am preparing a 50 gal reef with jaubert method. I am also planning of putting some clams in it, but I don't know wich one right now ( still a very big newbie with reefs aquarium, but I have patience... :) )

I know they like a lot of ligth, so i'm planning to put 8 fluos on it, probably 4 actinic tube, 2 reef sun and 2 coral sun from zoomed. The tank is not very tall, maybe 20 inch and with all the sand needed for jaubert, there will be maybe 12 inch of real water...

Would that be possible to maintain clams in it ?? Any advice ?? :)

Thanks a lot :)
Hello Philippe,


I would suggest skipping the plenum and going with a deep sandbed (4-6"). Much easier to setup and works wonders for nitrate reduction. Here is some good reading on the subject.

Also I think the clams would be much better off with 150w HQI (for example) rather than all those fluorescent tubes. More bang for the buck so to speak.

Yeah, you're right on it, mh are much powerfull than fluos and are cost-less , too. I have one on my 108 gallons discus tank and it's working really fine.. Problem is, my futur reef tank is a eheim professionnal with a metal top and it's only maybe 3-4 inch above the tank, so a mh would toast everything in it. I'M maybe planning to rebuild a new top in wood, but if I can stay with that , i'll just keep it. It's worth like 200$, so.. :) I did not pay that price, that's nearly the price I paid for ALL the stuff the guy had: the tank, top, air pump ( not an optima, THE air pump, the one that make no noise ), complete test kit, some not-so-live rock, 2 fish, etc... So it's like a wonderful deal and I thought that since it's already in saltwater, why not stay with it :)

So... suppose that I can put mh on my tank.. would it be possible to keep tridacnae in it ?? If not, i'll go for mh for sure :) Tridac are one of the reason I want a reef tank, so .. :)

Thanks a lot :)

Phil, I would build a wood canopy and put in MH. You can get by with Squamosa and derasa as they require less light, but will not color up and grow as fast as they would with MH IMO.

Ok, then i'll check it out for a mh instead. I suppose you're right on it ( i did some research, u were right guys, most people recommends mh for clams... ) so i'll made another wood top for my mh. I'll put a 10k 175 watt from coralife with probably 4 fluos, 1-2 actinic and 1-2 daylight, not sure...

What about food ?? What clams do eat ?? Do i need to feed them anything ? I have been told that micro-worms are fine for corals ?? Is that true ? :)

And what about compatibility ? Is there anything I should not put with clams... ??? I'm learning... still a newbie, but a learning newbie :))))

So much questions, thank for your time guys.
Hi Phil,

Glad to hear that you are considering MH :)

The only thing I feed is DT Planton.

You might consider getting a sixline wrasse as they are good for controlling pyramidellid snails and commensal flatworms.

You should also consider getting the book, Giant Clam by Knop. Great reference book.