Newbie Light fixture question


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I am planning on setting up a 40B reef and want to be able to support soft corals and LPS. I was looking into the halide/t5 fixtures and noticed that there is a large price range for fixtures that appear similar. What sets these fixtures apart from each other. For example, this or this fixture compared to something like this.

Would something like one of the first two fixtures work for LPS and soft corals?


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Essentially, The difference is manufacturing quality. Odyssea is knows to the very low end, and has a history of fire hazzard issues. If you were to get one, I'd recommend 100% bulb replacement.

FWIW, I used the Odyssea 36" T5/ 250w halide combo for 3 years on a 46g without any issues, though I Immediately upgraded bulbs to 20k MH and Actinic T5's and eventually a new ballast.


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So with new bulbs the Odyssea fixture should be able to support LPS and soft corals?

All the other combination fixtures that I've found are much more expensive. At least 3x the price.


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With 2 x 250 watt halides in the fixture, there will be absolutely nothing you can't keep in that tank. Like aj said, it would probably be a good idea to upgrade the halide bulbs right away, although you could give it a shot and see what happens.