non toxic paint


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Im looking for a save paint that do not kill my fishes and corals in the aquarium. I want to paint a dead sea fan that I found but I do not know if there is a paint save for aquariums. Do anyone know about a save paint for aquariums?


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Marine paint is not automaticly fish safe...

I would use potable water safe paint, 2 part epoxy paint.

Krylon Fusion is reef safe


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hi y'all! i just spoke to Krylon (800-828-4548) and the engineer i spoke with said:

"NO, Krylon Fusion is not safe inside a saltwater tank, it will leach chemicals into the water system. Marine Paint, the same as used in a swimming pool would be my suggestion".

thank y'all, have a great day!!! :rollface:

J. Montgomery

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Myself, as well as many other, have used Krylon Fusion to paint things that are now in our aquariums. It sounds like Marine Paint is another option.

As for the engineers response, why would Marine Paint not leech chemicals back into the water? Everything leaches chemicals, especially plastics and rubbers. So that would include, skimmers, PVC plumbing, powerheads, power cords, eggcrate, etc . . .

Personally, I wouldn't paint a dead sea fan and put it into my tank, especially if you have living corals, but to each his own. Good luck, Luis.


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Thanks Josh. But before puting the dead sea fan I am going to put it in hot water to kill everything and then put it in the tank.