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Found this guy on my glass , I’m no expert but it’s a nudibranch and looks like a bergia to me
What to do with him?
I’ve got an aiptasia if he could find it


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I'm not an expert in Nudibranchs but that does look like it could be a Berghia. If it is it will find the Aiptasia.

To be safe, I would keep a close eye on it. If it's not a Berghia, it could be a soft coral eating Nudibranch.
Looks closer to a Monti eating nudibranch to me not berghia.

Berghina has points your is blunt.

Took the pic off google for comparison.


monti eating:

Oh dear
Another strike to the supplier , that’s 4 now
1.sent a maxima instead of a squamosina
2.sent 3 aiptasia
3.sent a green and orange “jawbreaker” discosoma when it should have been yellow/red
4. Nudibranch

Fair to say I’ll keep their apogee par meter for compensation
If it is and you have no montipora they will die out.
They can come in on corals as eggs and dips do not get them. I have got a few corals with them before. I quarantine my corals though.
I noticed them because I had white patches on one of my new monties.
I’ve still got 2 montis , lost 6 but put it down to my light

Well that might be the reason right there.
They mainly come out at night. They are also really tiny so look at night with a flashlight. Did white patches start to show up on the monties?
I’ve spotted 1 or 2 might be the same one on the glass
I’ll have a look with the torch tonight but the ones I lost were under like 60 par the green plate has lost most of its zoox but the polyps are still there, the encrusting monti is fully intact but it’s about 80 par there
FYI they went white from the edges and over a couple of days continued through the whole coral so I don’t think it’s nudis as you say rightly they would eat in patches
They usually start at the edges because they hide under the coral during the day. Especially caps, they will turn the edges white and work inward. something like digitata they will start at the bottom/base and go up.

That said it might not have been them. maybe a combo of things too.
Also there are so many nudies out there it might not be monti eating nudies but I suspect they are. Only way to tell is check you corals at night, they also prefer certain ones. They also seem to lay in the part that is white at the edge of the tissue making them hard to see too.