Octo tank questions


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I am seriously considering setting up a tank for an octopus. I have had a reef tank for years, but octo's have always fascinated me. I was planning on having a 30 gallon tank with 3 inches of fine sand along with lots of live rock. I was wondering what type of filtration is best? Will any pumps in the tank be harmful to the octo? I was planning on getting a bimac octo, sense everyone seems to suggest that for starters. Can you keep more than one bimac together? Are bimacs good at escaping?

Any info is appreciated, I want to set this tank up right. And hopefully be very successful in keeping octos.

thanks again!
A pump in the tank wouldnt be harmful, just have it secured. You probably would not have much success keeping more than one bimac in a 30 gallon tank, maybe in a much larger one. From what I have read bimacs never (maybe i shouldnt say never) try to escape. For filtration you will need a good skimmer and carbon wouldnt hurt.