oh, but another lighting question


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in my tank i have 4-65watt compact flourescent bulbs. i was wondring if i could keep a clam if it were laced near the surface of my tank?...i would also give regular doses of dt's phytoplankton

also does anyone have any good cites about montipora capricornis?

Derasa and Squamosa: Possibly :)
Maxima and crocea: No way :(

How bout some more specs on your tank? What size are we talking about? What fish and inverts are in there? You don't want a clam if something you already have is going to pick on it!
i have a kole tang a blue devil...a peppermint and cleaner shrimp....mythrax crab....2 montipora capricornis,xenia...shrooms, and 2 leathers....it is a 55 gallon tank that was set up 3 months ago
You might be OK with a derasa or a squamosa, if you can get them to stay close to the lights. The problem is that they like to move, and those 2 species are often happiest on the sand bed. In your case, the sand bed is too far away from the lights.

If you're interested, I strongly urge you to read Daniel Knop's "Giant Clams" book before buying any clams.

Best of luck
I got mine used on half.com I think new it's about $40. But, what you learn from it is worth not losing a $40+ clam due to know knowing something! :)
definately...i will try to get it soon and i would agree that money can not compare to knowledge