okay, stupid Utube in overflow


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stupid Utube in overflow box is collecting a nice bubble and is causing for slower intake and more output therefore causing flooding of display. i emptied the air today, and in about 8 hours same bubble is back... i know overnight it'll get jacked up. whats causing this? just RECENTLY started happnin too.
not enough flow thru the tube. the water velocity 'should' keep the bubbles from getting trapped. did you mess with an output valve lately? or maybe the pump needs cleaning?
Super, like the guys above me said, its from slow flow. Either your pump is not powerfull enough or if you have a sponge thingy on the return pump, its could be dirtry and restricting flow. I try to clean mine at least once a month.

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how can the return pump cause the utube to flow less?
The water exiting thru the Utube will be equal to the amount of water getting put into the tank by the return pump from the sump. Running at lower speeds will not keep the water flowing fast enough thru the tube to keep air from gathering.

As mentioned try cleaning or upgrading your pump but if you have a powerhead running in the tank hook an airline to the venturi part and run the end of it into the top of the Utube. As air collects there the venturi will suck it out.