Old T.maximas anyone?


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Has anyone here ever seen an older T.Max thriving in a reeftank? I don't mean the large 6" clams that sometimes are imported and put in a tank already partially mature, but a clam that someone has grown for many years. It seems most of the people where I live have newer clams although they have been imported for many years. I have seen derasas that have grown for many years, just not croceas or maximas. I'm kinda scared that if mine make it to 2-3 years I could kinda look at that as being an accomlishment, not that thats what I'd want...
There is a club member that has had a T. Maxima for 5 years in his 120. I can't see why they wouldn't live for a long time if the tank conditions are kept up to par. Daniel's book says they can get to 30-40 cm ( 11" - 15" ) I haven't seen one larger than 7" myself in a captive system, not to say they can't larger.