One of them has to go 20.00 shipped priority.


Ok, now I have too many. I just got rid of one and now have three more. See my "i have a problem" thread. Anyway I have a little peach smasher thats got to go. I think it is a she but am unsure. It is a litttle over two inches probably about 2.5" if I had to guess. It came off some carib. rock. It currently is in a critter keeper with some sand and a rock in one of my tanks and obiviously can't stay there. So, if someone wants it 20.00 is the price with priority mail shipping to lower 48. If you want it shipped any other way it will cost extra. Basically the shrimp is 10.00 and shipping priority would be about 10.00. If you want overnight figure 10.00 over the exact overnight cost. Sorry but the last one I tried to trade and sent it out, paid shipping and got nothing! But, if you want to trade a frag or two instead via thermos trade. Send me yours and I will return it with the mantis. Pm me if interested!
I just took a horrible pic but here it is. Kinda hard to get a pic through the glass and critter keeper.
Craig, i got the paypal to work. I sent the money. Sorry for the delays.

Thanks again.

Thanks, I knew that you were sending payment and was definately not referring to you. You always kept in contact and I had no doubts. I did however trade another 3"+ mantis with overnight shipping to someone on RC and got nothing in return. I would rather not say who it is as it has only been two weeks and sometimes life happens.

Attackdonut is first on the list and if you want it for sure please send a PM and I will ship him out on monday.

hackster1, You are second on the list if Attackdonut does not want it or does not reply it is yours.

Thanks everyone!!!