PC Question

Tim Plow

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I have a hood that is supplimented with 4 - 96W PC bulbs. They are the straignt pin. I have a hard time finding bulbs for the straight pin and I was wondering if I could change the ends to square instead of straignt.

I was also thinking about replacing the PCs with T5s. Do you think this would be tough to do?


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I'm pretty sure that switching from straight to square is just a matter of changing the endcaps (i.e. there's no difference in the ballasts). As for switching to T5's, how difficult it would be depends on your current setup. If you have your lights retrofitted into a canopy, it should be relatively easy--and you might not even need a different ballast. If you're talking about putting T5's into a fixture that was manufactured with PC's in it, that would probably be a bit more difficult; however the T5's are a lot smaller so I'd think there should be plenty of space for them.


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Am I understanding this right renisel? Can I really run T5's off a PC ballast. This is great news to me if this is true. I have several 96w ballast.