The bottle that I have is damp, like used coffee grounds.

It Should say on the instructions somewhere it is supposed to come to you moist, if it dries out it becomes useless.

How do you know that?
I use PhosLock by Pura and have success with it removing phosphates.

It does come moist.

I believe that on the container there is a warning about not letting it dry out or it will be useless (I am at work and cannot verify this but I am positive that I did read it somewhere). I can not understand the logic for this however.

It's great to have a "3rd party" test these chemicals! I doubt that each company knows what the results will be and I bet they are all crossing their fingers that theirs is the BEST.

Kind of like when it was discovered that Coralife salt was poisioned with Lithium... or when Instant Ocean was determined to be very close to sea water. It's a "gold or bust" situation but that is what capitalism is all about, eh?! :)