Phosphate RX


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If you were using a GFO reactor prior to using this did you continue to do so afterward or did you take it offline?


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I think he's ask you what you did

He sure did. Sorry op I didn't read your question very well. :hmm3: Yes I still use gfo.

I don't find this to be a solution to phosphates but rather a way to lower them inexpensively. The amount of gfo it would take to lower high phosphate saturated rock would be crazy expensive. Gfo could be completely used up in 24 hours depending on how high your po4s are.


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I have GFO and a little algae scrubber... as the scrubber gets more and more broken in i keep turning my GFO reactor down


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May not be pertinent to this post butI am in the process off going from gfo to scrubbers. The gfo nearly broke me. The results I am seeing have been amazing.