possible sick fish...help


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Hi all,

I just introduced a yellow Foxface into my reef tank and he seemed fine for the first 2 days, but I got up this morning and he was swiming back and forth and every once in awhile, he would bum into something right in front of him. He was a bright yellow, but he was a very pale white. Gradually, some of his color started to come back, but he went to the bottom of the tank and sat there and only if I tapped on the glass would he start swimming. My tank light comes on at 4:00am, so I dont know if he was scared by the light and was waking up or what. I dont have a seperate tank, but now I wish I did. I checked the water and everything looked within limits. My other fish all seemed fine and were eating. Any help would be great. thanks


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It may just take a while for it to adapt to the light, try giving it a couple hours of sleep, and if possible watch it for a while to see how well the color improves