Post your candy cane's..?


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Obtained a candy cane from a member (thanks Chris!)

Not sure how I plan on mounting. I temporarily have attached to a rock.. but not sure I like.

Post yours?


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sorry, no pics. however i did purchase one about 6 months ago, its under 14K about 15" deep. it had 16 heads then, now its grown to 21 heads and has three new one coming out the sides.
my water stays pristine due to the SPS also in the same tank.


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here are mine...


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Very nice. I don't have pics at the moment, but may be able to help with mounting. I like to drill a hole in the rock and stick the stem in. A 1/2" mason bit usually does the trick and wet limestone based rock is soft. For two little frags I sanded the bottom of the stem to make it level (dremel) and superglued it to a frag disk/ plug. One sits on the sand bottom and has never tipped over due to the frag stem and the other the only has a disk is wedged between rocks. Both had very short stems. Hope this helps. Feel free to pm if you have questions.


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found a couple more old candy pics I kind of like.....

I realized in my first post I never helped the OP on how those 4 colonies I posted are mounted together. They are all strapped to a piece of forked tonga branch with my wifes hair ties