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I am about to finish my 33g long/ 20gL sump aquarium but am having a problem. I built the stand and am in the process of plumbing it and am having a problem that I would really appreciate some help.

I drilled the hole for the prefilter box kinda low, and was planning on putting bio-balls in that area since my tank will be mainly a grow out tank with little LR and a few fish. After doing some research it seems that bio-balls are not the way to go. So I am trying to solve this problem.



The only thing I could come up with to help lessen the noise/splash was to do something like this.


A durso standpipe will not fit in my pre-filter area. The bulk head is for a 1 1/2" hole.

I also was just going to do this for my return. Very basic but gets the job done. If anyone has any comments or concerns please let me know because I havnt glued the plumbing together yet so its still in the "changable" category.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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For the overflow, You'd be surrised how compact you can make a durso with a littl creative hacksawing.

I've also seen folks use a couple of 45's on the vertical pipe you drew, to shift the pipe over a bit on the way up to make room for the durso to poke out in the other direction.

Or just go with stockman variation. (sounds like a chess opening:lol: )

For the return glue up the "hook" but leave rest dry fit. You want to be able to make changes in directing all of that flow. See if you can find sweeping 90's for the hook. Every little bit helps with flow rate. . .