pump quit


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My recirulate pump stopped pushing the water ,it still spins but does not push any water ? It is 6 mos old - 3500 ocean runner.
I cleaned it but still no diff, is there a better pump I can use ? or are these good pumps ? If Aqua Med does not warranty it I will be p*ssed.It was with their skimmer Shorty 5000,says 24 month warramty = will see , but if not what would be a good replacement ?


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Take the impeller out and look at it.

You might be able to fix it. I've used powerheads that you had to push the ends of the rod the impeller is on towards the center to get the blades to spin.

If it's broken, you should be able to get a replacement impeller.


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Fishgeek12 I have had mags before (noisy) but good

aquaman67 parts # 10 are caps,thanks for the manual,Isee it says pumps are 12 month - not including wear.