Punk Rockers Zoa FS/FT


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My punk rockers are growing like crazy! Had to frag them!

I have 2 frags of punk rockers...one with 5 heads and one with 4 heads

Asking $25 or trade!

First picture is of the frag and the others are from the main colony





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Love punk rockers. Great price and nice pics. Cant wait until my colony gets that big :D GLWS!


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Got it as a 5 head frag and 3 months later is dominating my tank! They look amazing!

Wow, they DO love your tank. Mine have been problematic from the beginning. Almost lost them a few times, they are the frag I have dipped the most. Lots of issues with Algae growing on that particular plug. I also started with 3-4, and now they are settled and have like 15. Hopefully no more dips.:deadhorse1: