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how important is a Qtank? is it as much work keeping up with as the regular sw tank i have? do i have to test the water all the time and is it supposed to go throuh a cycle?
Quarantine tanks are important. They help with the pretreatment of any kind of potential problems with fish or corals before they become a threat.

They shouldn't be hard to maintain at all if not in use. A simple setup of some sand, a heater, thermometer, PVC pipes, and anykind of filter without the use of carbon will work. No skimmers needed.

Quarantine tanks for inverts should be different from the quarantine tanks for fish. Medications can kill your inverts.
Oh, and the quarantine tank for fish doesn't need lights. Lights mess up the chemistry and effectiveness of some medications.
Let me ask you this: Would it be easier to put the new fish directly into a QT and be able to treat it right there and make sure it is healthy and well fed or put it in your main tank, watch it get bullied right away which stresses it out to no end which will keep it from eating and then you notice it has ich and the only way to treat it right is to try to catch it and put it in a QT and by this time you run the risk that all of the other fish now have ich from the new guy you put in?
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I use a QT after to many fish not making it in the MT because like Freed stated, I do not agree with sand in there because it traps chemicals(bare bottom only) and I use a light after the fish are acclimated so they get used to lighting they will see in the MT.