Question about Picasso Trigger


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I have a new Picasso in my 90. I have kept before but my current concern is my hermit crabs. I have seen him picking them up and dropping them. But now I am concerned and have seen a lot of empty hermit crab shells. It seems I assumed incorrectly that he would not be able to eat them. Does anybody keep this fosh with hermit crabs? Mine is small. Maybe a mistake buying him. I took all my remaining crabs out. Anybody keeping this fish with soft coral? I had se larger crabs he didn't touch but I took them out too. So now I can't have clean up crew it seems with a Picasso Triggerfish.
Ok. I read some posts where the Picasso just harrasses the crabs but maybe he was picking them off. What you do for cleanup? Can someone chime in who has had Picassos? I have read some posts where they leave the crabs alone. I think mine was flipping thme and the killing them when they tried to flip over. I pit a large white striped hermit in there. Maybe he will be ok. The Picasso isn't big. I had a lot of Triggers once in a 180. All kinds. But there are empty shells so he must have been flipping and then catching them when they try to flip over.
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