Question about two types of Perculas

Craig Lambert

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Solomon Island, and Papau/New Guinea. What is the difference in appearance of these two?

I have been holding out for a mated pair of Solomon Island Perculas, but have the opportunity to purchase Papau New Gunea percs. I was thinking of buying one large and one medium Papau New Guinea assuming they would pair. Descriptions and suggestions appreciated.


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from what I have seen the shade or orange from the PPNG clowns is much lighter than the SI Clowns. The amount of black varies also with the SI being darker.


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I have seen SI clowns with less black than ocellaris and I have seen onyx percs from PNG. The opposite is also true. From what I have seen, there is no difference.


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From all I've seen, the SI's are a deeper orange "USUALLY" & have thick black lines or occasional onyx.

PNG are alittle lighter orange and "USUALLY" have more black IME. I've seen far more onyx come from PNG than SI & "MOST" of the time the PNG ones at least have black connecting the first and second bars.