Question for people with PB Tang experience.


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So this question is for people who already have or have once had a Powder Blue Tang (I already know they are aggressive ich-magnets). Just wondering if any of you have had success keeping a PB with other tangs. I also have a Blue Hippo and two yellow tangs in my 180g. The Hippo was the first tang in the tank, months later the powder blue, and a week after that, I added the two yellows. The PB and the Hippo get along fine, mostly ignoring each other. The yellow tangs are a different story. The PB pesters the yellows pretty frequently, and it (PB) has broken out in ich because of this. The yellows look fine, no ich, no injury and everyone is eating like crazy (have to force myself to not overfeed them, they are such pigs) but Im wondering if this behavior will continue, or will he eventually settle down and accept the yellows. They have been together in the tank for two weeks. Before I added the yellows, the PB looked great, I felt really lucky, he ate on day one, no signs of ich, etc.. A week after adding the yellows is when I first saw ich. Any advice is appreciated.


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A PB and 2 yellows in a 180 is pushing it. The PB will be the dominant fish in your tank. Probably should have either added the PB and 1 YT together or the PB second.