question on lighting for BTA

I want to know if I have strong enough lighting for a Bubble Tip Anemone. I don't know anything about my light and I threw away the box a long time ago so I looked up the model number on the company's website. I have the model number 2035. It is a compact fluorescent light. It says next to it "65 watt SmartPaq 10,000k Daylight/460nm Actinic".

I have a 65 gallon tank and there is a spot on the live rock that it can be placed that is about 10 inches from the light. Also I thought it was worth mentioning that my light sits on top of a glass top so the light goes through the glass before it would reach anything in the tank. Does this make the light significantly weaker?

My question is simply do I have sufficient lighting for a Bubble Tip Anemone(Entacmaea quadricolor)? I am fully aware of the other requirements such as water parameters, water flow, etc. and would not buy an anemone if I did not have suitable conditions.

Thanks for the help
- Vinnie
If you get rid of the glass covers and have it mid way in the tank or higher you should be fine. The entacima quadricolor is one of the easier anemones to keep and do not require as much lighting. When I had my first tank it was a 29 Gallon with the same light fixture and my anemone was happy at the bottom of the tank...
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i would say no........... go with T-5 or mh

X2 ... for long term health I would say T5 or MH
You may be able to keep it under the lights you have, but its health, growth, and coloration would benefit from more powerful lights.
My BTA does well with 2 50/50 CP's 6 inches from the water. But the CPs's are the size of my 29 gallon tank. A 65 gallon is massive in comparison...

I have "2" 65 watt ones and painted my hood inside satin white... Wich was a downgrade from my MH setup but is doing well. Your tank is way bigger.
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The item number only describes the bulb, how many bulbs do you have?

BTAs can be kept under PCs, I did that for 4 + years, but until I know how many bulbs your fixture has, can't say one way or the other.
Thanks for all the responses. It seems that there are very mixed conclusions. Half of you guys said it would be fine/OK and half said no.

The item number only describes the bulb, how many bulbs do you have?
I have 2 bulbs

And also forget about a spot you like. They move where they want.
So if I put him where I want closest to the top on this rock he will just move? Does that mean he will most likely end up in the sand anyway then?
Well 1 PC bulb. (At least my coralife ones) look like 2 smaller bulbs. I use 2 65 watt PC's on my 29. It looks like 2 10k bulbs and 2 Actinics if you look at it. Mine completely fill my hood and have a clear shield across the bulbs. And it is fine. But if you only have 1 65 watt or even 2 on your large tank that would probably not be enough.

You can feed anemones too. But even a BTA needs a decent light setup. And YES PC's etc. WILL do the job. Mine actually hid a bit from my 175 watt Metal Halide when I had it. But I have a smaller reef tank.

As far as I know Bta's don't go in sand. They will lock their foot inside a crevice and dangle their tentacles into the light. At least the 2 I have had. And neither liked it on top.

If I read your product correctly then I have 2 of those or equivalent on my 29 gallon.
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