Rapid LED Cree RB current question

Presently driving my RB 3w from a MW LPC 35-700 driver, 700Ma I ordered Dimmable ELN 60-48D Plan on running 14 3w per driver. Looking on RapidLED's site, they say the MAX current for the RB is 1500Ma, but Cree Datasheet says 1000MA?? I am possibly going to swap some RB for Blue in th future here, and was hoping not to add yet another driver to the mix. Plans are for 6 dimmable drivers on my 150g tank 3 pendants, 2 drivers ea Unless I add some red/green?? Ugh so many choices


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Which Cree RB gen do you have? The one currently on rapidled is XT-E, which max at 1500mA.

The older gen like the XR-E, 1000mA max.
Ohhh OK. Good to know. I just bought more, but have 18 on tank now, been about a yr and a half now I guess. I would assume there XRE?

Crap, so I got half and half now? XP E and XT E and new drivers to power to the XT potential. Looks like another order coming up ARG
Unless I get the look I want at 1000Ma outa the combo